Critical Discussions

AUA2015 Webcasts

Plenary I - Sunday (traducido en español)

Critical Discussion: Fertility Preservation in Cancer Patients

Critical Discussant: Jay I. Sandlow, MD

Presenter: Robert E. Brannigan, MD

Presenter: Kirk Cheng-Lun Lo, MD

Plenary I - Monday (traducido en español)

Critical Discussion: Renal Ureteroscopy for Stones: To Dust or To Basket

Critical Discussant: Timothy D. Averch, MD

Critical Discussant: Gerhard J. Fuchs, MD

Presenter: Mitchell R. Humphreys, MD

Presenter: Ojas Shah, MD

Plenary II - Tuesday

Critical Discussion: A Kidney Transplant Rotation is a Waste of Time for a Urology Resident

Critical Discussant: Michael Coburn, MD

Presenter: Leonard G. Gomella, MD

Presenter: Patrick Luke, MD